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Embroidery Size Guidelines




A typical Left Chest logo is approximately 3.5" to 4.5 " wide. The size of most designs will be determined by the size of the smallest text in the design. The smallest text we can embroider is 1/4”, 0.25" (6mm) high. Anything smaller than this will not be legible. We can make adjustments to your design (with you approval) to resize the text as needed.




The maximum height for a cap design is 2.25" and can be as wide as 4.5". Visors have a maximum height of 1". If your logo is larger than that we will have to edit it to the appropriate size. In most cases we can embroider on the side or the back of the cap. Multiple locations are priced differently, please contact a Superior Image Customer Service Representative for a price quote.


Full Back Designs:


The maximum width of a full back design is 12". It can be somewhat costly to digitize custom designs at this size. We will need to review your design in order to determine the best method of digitizing and to give you a price estimate. With today's technology there are a few methods we can use to reduce the stitch count of your design. One of which is Appliqué.' This process uses a piece of fabric that replaces large areas that would normally be stitched. The fabric piece is stitched down using a Satin Stitch. The other method is Tackle Twill which is similar to Appliqué, except that when using the tackle twill method, we use a zig-zag stitch. These are great for lettering or using large solid areas of stitches. There are also thousands of stock digitized designs that can be personalized and used for a nominal fee.




Bags, towels, golf towels and alike can be embroidered as well. Logo size will depend on the item itself. For bags and towels a left crest size logo of approximately (3.5" to 4.5 " wide) works nicely. We cannot embroider over any zippers or seams and if we embroider on a pocket it will sewn shut.


Screen Printing Services


Imprint Sizes:


Generally, a full front or full back imprint can be 9" to 12" wide and up to 12" high. Left chest imprints range from 2.5" to 4" wide and up to 4" high. Sleeve imprints are usually 2" to 3" wide and up to 10" long for a long sleeve garment. The size imprint will depend on the size of the garment it's going on. Youth size shirts will have smaller imprint limitations than that of an adult size shirt.

We try to save you money by suggesting a size that will work with all the sizes that you are ordering.


Whether you need simple one color logo or you have complex multi-color designs, our screen printing is the best in town. We've got the skills and experience it takes to produce top quality garments you'll be proud to wear. Most orders are ready to ship in 10 days or less


Art Guidelines:


In order to color separate your artwork we must have your files in a PC format. We prefer, your art files in a Vector based format in an AI, EPS or CDR format. We can accept Corel Draw files up to version CS5 and Adobe Illustrator files up to version CS6. Do not apply any trapping in the design and separate all layers. We cannot accept embedded objects, layers or bitmap images. Convert all text to outlines or curves. If you cannot convert the text, please provide the TTF (true type) font file.


Paper Art:


If you do not have access to digital art, we can use paper artwork. Multiple color designs must be color separated so that each color in the design appears in its correct position on separate pages and they must be printed in black ink. If you cannot provide separated artwork we can re-create your design by scanning it and re-drawing the image digitally. Artwork charges would apply.


Artwork Design:


If you do not have a design and would like one created, our art department would be more than happy to help. Our graphic artists will work with you to create a design you'll be happy to call your own. We have thousands of stock images and templates that can be used as is or modified to fit your specific need. We are happy to provide you with several font and color options so you'll get exactly what you

like. Art services are billed at $35/hour.





UPS is our standard shipping method. We do offer other methods upon request, including Spee-Dee local courier delivery. Specific packing instructions will be followed based on our customer's requests. Including shipping blind services. Just let us know in advance the method you prefer.

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